MODY, or Maturity Onset Diabetes Of The Young.



Genetics of MODY

If your family is affected by MODY, you need to find out more concerning the genetics of this health problem.

MODY, or maturity onset diabetes of the young is due to a defect in the genes, and it often affects children as well as younger adults. At first, it is similar to type 1diabetes. Fortunately, diet changes can usually be used to treat it. Only a very small group of people with type 2 diabetes, lower than five percent, will get MODY. Of this small group, they are usually people with some members of the family who are diabetics. Unlike most type 2 diabetics, they are not obese.

MODY Classification

For a person to get a diagnosis of maturity onset diabetes of the young, he or she must:

  • Have diabetes which needs not be controlled with insulin for at least the last two years. They are patients who can control their condition with either diabetes medication or with diet and exercise, or both.
  • The starting age of the condition has to be less than 25 years for at least one family member.
  • Be a type 2 diabetic and not a type 1 diabetic.

Inheritance of MODY

Knowing MODY genetics is only partial understanding of maturity onset diabetes of the young. With the inheritance of a particular gene, the probability of the disease occurring exists. All that is needed is the inheritance of a mutated form of MODY causing gene from a parent to get the possibility of suffering from the disease. Even when just one of the parents has the disease, there is a 50% possibility for the children of getting the gene which puts them at greater risk of MODY.

Genes Connected to MODY

Up to the present, researchers have identified five genes which can bring greater risk of getting this disease. The pancreas’€™ production of insulin is disrupted by the five genes. Although five genes have been identified, only three, GCK, HNF-1alpha, and HNF-4alpha, are well understood.

Pathophysiology of maturity onset diabetes of the young type 2 (MODY 2) – Video Guide

MODY’€™s Symptoms

MODY’s symptoms are similar to other types of diabetes as it affects the body in the same manner as the others.

Treatment of MODY

The treatment for MODY, in many cases, is similar to type 2 diabetes treatment. By checking their blood glucose regularly, with exercise and diet, many MODY sufferers control their condition. Oral diabetes medications may have to be taken by some patients. In very rare cases, injections of insulin are also needed. For many, the best way to manage their condition is the use of combined treatments.

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