Insulin Pumps Costs and Recommendations.



Getting the Best Deal

How can you get the best insulin pump price? What is the best deal in the market for insulin pumps? What about the monthly cost for the insulin pump? Where can you obtain the best information on the matter? For the answer, we have to look at your present circumstances.

If you have Insurance

An insulin pump is not cheap. However, if you have diabetes, you certainly want to have one. If you have insurance, you will be fortunate if your insurance company accepts the verdict of your doctor that the insulin pump is medically essential; for that would entitle you to a free pump. Absolutely free, of course,  unless there are conditions with reduced benefits in the policy.

No such Insurance Policy?

How about those who have no such insurance policy? You have to be ready with about $6,000 for that is the price of almost any pump. Besides that initial price, you have to be prepared to spend from approximately $150 to $300 on the use of an insulin pump monthly.

What if you have neither an insurance nor $6,000? Worry not, for you can still have your pump for a small sum of money with an agreement to purchase all the necessary supplies from the company. Most companies are willing to give you such a package deal. The company wants your monthly maintenance expenditure which can be about $250 a month. For a pump with a lifespan of 48 months, your total expenditure for the 4 years would be approximately $12,000. That is a lot coming from just one customer!

Other Choices

What other choices are available? If you have about $1,000 – $2,000, the OmniPod insulin pump, a product of Insulet Corporations, is within your reach. The only problem is that their supplies are more expensive, so in the long run, you pay almost the same sum. An even cheaper pump is the DANA IIS which is approximately 30% cheaper than most of the others. So, for those who are financially tight, the DANA IIS is the right pump for them.

No matter what kind of situation you are in, get the recommendations of your doctor. Usually, doctors can help you to get an even better deal. They can even direct you to cheaper supplies. So, if your doctor advises you to use a pump, allow him to help you choose the pump which is right for your budget.

Eventually, everything depends upon you. Even when your doctors are making recommendations, you ought to find out more from all available sources, even the net. Deals can be found as a lot of manufacturers make free pump programs available throughout the year.


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Insurance Coverage and Warranty

Finally, remember how you can benefit from insurance and the warranty for the pump. Think of what can happen should you drop your $6,000 pump and spoiled it.

Some manufacturers do give a manufacturer’€™s warranty for damages incurred. They may even replace the damaged pump. So, find out whether such a warranty is given.

Other than the warranty, find out from your agent whether their home-owners or renters’€™ insurance policy gives such a protection.

Sometimes, for an additional small payment, a rider is provided on your insurance policy to provide coverage for damages to your insulin pump. Considering the high insulin pump price, the additional amount paid for such coverage is well worth it.

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