Facts about Diabetes

Nowadays, if you have diabetes, remember you should have no doubt whatsoever that you will be able to enjoy life to the full. This is due to the many great achievements in medical science. Nevertheless, with diabetes an incurable disease, you have to manage it well to a productive, active and long life. As any failure to control it can lead to a number of dangerous complications, it is a disease which has to be taken seriously by gathering the latest information, if you have diabetes knowing the devices available to monitor it and applying them to maintain good health.

Facts about Diabetes in America

When it is realized that diabetes is just trailing behind cancer and heart disease as the third fatal disease in this nation, with approximately 150 thousand deaths in the United States and a few million deaths all over the world, you can appreciate how worrisome diabetes is. Besides death, it brings devastation to many through the various complications connected to diabetes. Most of the blindness among working-age people in the United States is caused by diabetes. Diabetes is also the main cause of end-stage chronic kidney disease, amputations of the lower extremities and cardiovascular diseases. Other than these frightening complications, there are also the loss of productivity and financial costs which exceeds $92 billion of medical expenditure each year. Besides all these, there is always the incalculable emotional cost to people known to the diabetic.

Living With Diabetes :Finding the Support You Need – Video Guide

DDCT (the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial)

Fortunately, researchers bring hope of keeping the risks of complications connected to diabetes down. In a study conducted throughout the nation for a ten-year period ending in 1993, called DDCT (The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial), it has been found that type I diabetics can cut down the risks of getting serious complications by 50% by maintaining an almost normal blood sugar level. Most experts believe that the risks of complications can be lessened with blood sugar level in the normal range.

To reduce the number of deaths due to diabetes, a Help Guide to Diabetes has been prepared. In this guide, you come to understand how your body works and what can the cause of diabetes. And should you become a diabetic, you learn how you can still get your body to function almost normally.

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