Treating GDM.



Treating Gestational Diabetes

With GDM, it is important to reduce blood sugar level and lower the risk of complications to you as well as your child. To accomplish these, certain changes have to be made, such as watching calories especially from carbohydrates and being physically active.

Food and Diet

Having to learn about food and diet can be tough as it is all so sudden and knowledge has to be gained fast. Fortunately, pregnant women will do whatever they can for the health of their babies. To begin control over blood sugar levels fast, you eagerly await the blood sugar test results, learn everything possible about good nutrition for maintaining good blood sugar levels as well as diabetes care.

When you need quick, reliable knowledge on food and gestational diabetes, good RDs and CDEs are the best to consult. They are the ones to teach you all your need to know about carbohydrates and the all the other nutrients in food. They can explain how to calculate portions, choose the right food in restaurants, the calorie intake suitable for you, and what a pregnant woman like you need in food. Of course, nothing beats excellent reference materials as they will always be around any second of the day.


Pregnancy and Diabetes – Video Guide



To know that a lot of women with GDM can maintain healthy glucose levels with proper diet and sufficient exercise is indeed a great relief. The only difficult part for some women is exercise as it involves a little strenuous movement, heavier breathing and the faster pumping of the heart. However, it is this stronger movement of the heart, lungs and the body that takes up energy to lower the blood sugar levels. Initially, it could be just some digging to loosen the soil or playing with an active child in the garden. Joining activity clubs such Tai Chi or prenatal exercise classes where there is company can help get you to enjoy as you aim for better control over blood sugar levels.

For those who prefer to exercise alone, there are walks you can take along some nature’s path. And if time does not permit a longer walk, take a brisk walk round the block once or twice each day. Even shopping malls have become excellent places for walks. And for those who have been always active, a jog or run can be the right activity for you. However, before any strenuous activities are taken on, pregnant women must always consult their doctors or health care team.

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