Tips To Reducing Injection Pain.



Ways to Reduce Injection Pain

Of course, no one likes having an injection! However, women treated for infertility may have to endure an injection once a day. So, let us see how we can reduce the pain that comes with injections. Below are some ways to reduce the pain.

1. Have the Area Numbed

Numb the skin with a cube of ice before an injection. Then, use a cotton pad soaked in alcohol to clean the area before the injection. Numbing creams may be used but it is better to consult your medical practitioner before doing so.

2. Intramuscular Injections? Go into a Relaxing Position.

Since a muscle which is relaxed hurts less than one which is tensed, put yourself into a relaxing position before you inject.

3. Subcutaneous Injection? Choose the Site with Some Fat.

The site with some extra fat in it is the best for a subcutaneous injection. If you have a lean stomach, try to have the injection in your thigh.

4. Think of Your Goal

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the best site. When that happens, think about your goal. If you are determined to get pregnant or overcome a health problem, your good goal can override the anxiety or fear. Your goal will give you a fresh perspective to overcome the little pain.

5. It’€™s Alright to Ask Someone to Help

If,despite all you have tried, you are still unable to do self-injection, get somebody to inject you. It’€™s alright. After all, not many people can do self-injection.

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