How to Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy?



Preventing Diabetic Neuropathy

Long time sufferers of diabetes are susceptible to diabetic neuropathy affecting many different body parts. As such, it is advantageous to know some ways which can be used to help prevent diabetic neuropathy among diabetics.

Diabetic neuropathy can result if a person suffers from diabetes long enough. There will be symptoms of nerve damage, either in a certain part of the body or the whole body. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) states that approximately 65 percent of the diabetics suffer from neuropathy after some time. Those who have suffered from diabetes for at least 25 years are the people most susceptible to diabetic neuropathy. So are those diabetics who are overweight, have poor maintenance of their diabetes, suffer from high blood pressure, and have a high level of fat in their blood.

Below are some factors which can trigger diabetic neuropathy:

  •   High blood glucose level.
  •   Longer period of diabetes.
  •   Insufficient insulin.
  •   High level of fat in the blood.
  •   Hereditary factors.
  •   Nerve inflammation.
  •   Damage of those blood vessels which take blood to the nerves.
  •   Lifestyle factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

Life as a diabetic can be troublesome. So, if another health problem is added to it, life can be even more troublesome. To prevent further trouble from cropping up, a diabetic should take precautions to lessen the chances of getting diabetic neuropathy in later years.


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Ways to Avoid Getting Diabetic Neuropathy

Learn everything about It

Diabetics are always at risk of getting diabetic neuropathy. So, it is important that they understand the effect this disease has on their lives, the signs and symptoms of the disease and how they can prevent it from happening. With an understanding of this disease, they will know neuropathy and so, take the needed measures to avoid it.

Detect Diabetes As Early As Possible

Diabetes comes before diabetic neuropathy. So, if diabetes is detected early in a person, that person can from the very beginning, control his blood glucose levels and lessen the risk of getting neuropathy.  Neuropathy usually happens only after a long period of diabetes. Therefore, control of blood glucose levels as soon as possible is the right way to manage diabetes as well as prevent the occurrence of neuropathy.

Control Blood Glucose Level

People with extremely high blood sugar levels have a greater chance of developing neuropathy. As such, frequent testing of blood glucose levels is necessary to enable diabetics to ensure that their blood glucose levels are within the safe, normal range that allows them to stay healthy and reduce the chances of complications occurring.

Control Your Weight

Another factor which can trigger the development of diabetic neuropathy is obesity. To reduce weight, get sufficient exercise which can stimulate the rejuvenation of nerve cells and helps to get your blood glucose levels to stay at their normal range.

Foot Inspection

Diabetic neuropathy very often occurs in the lower limbs, at the feet. When it happens, there is numbness in the feet and can result in the feet not feeling any cut, injury or blister. Only through daily checking of the feet, can such harm to the feet can be noticed and warn you of the possibility that you are suffering from neuropathy. Other than this, a yearly inspection of your feet is a routine the diabetes team does for you.

Use Comfortable Footwear

Diabetics, who are more susceptible to complications, including neuropathy, must use shoes that are protective and comfortable. The shoes must be neither too loose nor too tight for the wearer’€™s feet. Since leather and canvas are more flexible than other materials, they are good materials for shoes. Walking shoes are suitable for the feet of diabetics as they are comfortable.

Regular Care for the Feet

To reduce the possibility of the feet getting neuropathy, they have to be well looked after. This can be done every day by using lukewarm water to wash the feet and then, applying a moisturizer to the skin so that it does not become too dry and cracked. And the toe nails have to be cut often to prevent ingrown nails.

Regulation of Life Pattern

The regulation of a diabetic’€™s life pattern is important and this can be done by sleeping at the proper time and awakening early. Through this, they lead a healthy lifestyle and have better glycol metabolism which can help them prevent neuropathy.

Have a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is important in the controlling of blood glucose levels. In such a diet, foods containing too much saturated fats, sugar and salt must be eliminated while those rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins are needed. If your dietitian can provide you with a diet chart, it can help you to have a diet which can assist you to maintain blood glucose levels within the normal range.

Since diabetic neuropathy can be dangerous health problem, diabetics must try to prevent this health problem from developing. To achieve this, consult your medical practitioner for more ways to prevent diabetic neuropathy, other than those already given in this article.

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