Pre-Diabetic Diet.



A pre-diabetic diet is what you need to avoid getting diabetes if your doctor ever said you have pre-diabetic symptoms. Below is the information you need at such a time.

The usual adult blood glucose levels range from 70 to 150 mg/dl. When this range is constant, there is no need for any restriction on the consumption of food. However, should blood glucose is found to be below or above this range, then the person concerned need to be aware that a metabolic problem may be materializing. In the pre diabetic stage, the blood glucose range is between 150 Pre-Diabetes Diet - Meal Plansand 200 mg/dl. Above 200 mg/dl., a person is confirmed a diabetic. A person at the prediabetic stage still has the opportunity to get out of it and return to the normal blood glucose range. All that is needed is a pre diabetic diet and sufficient exercises to overcome the problem.

For the prevention of a good number of diseases, as well as the fight against any sickness, a healthy diet is essential. A person diagnosed with pre diabetes has to bring his blood glucose levels back to the normal range. So, what follows are some recommendations for a diet to help the pre diabetic to return to blood glucose levels which are normal.

Pre-Diabetes Diet Guidelines

The right diet plan is all that is needed to overcome the pre diabetic problem with ease. Prevention of diabetes is as simple as consumption of healthy food and consistently following the right diet. Together with an daily exercise program, you will find yourself back to your normal blood glucose range. Below are some pointers to help you overcome pre diabetes.

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Vegetables for Overcoming the Pre Diabetic Stage

During the pre diabetic stage, you should eat plenty of nutritious, fiber-rich vegetables. Carrots, lettuce and spinach can be used by you to prepare a menu to fight the pre diabetic condition.

Fruits for Overcoming the Pre Diabetic Stage

Fruits can be used in overcoming the pre diabetic stage. The pre diabetic diet can comprise of fresh as well as dried fruits. Fruits juices from grapefruit, oranges and apples with no added sugar can be of help to you.

Meat and Sea Food for Overcoming the Pre Diabetic Stage

When you are at the pre diabetic stage, you have to limit your consumption of meat and sea food to one day per week. You also have to make choices from the list given below:

  • Sea food can be shellfish and fish such as herring, catfish, halibut, cod, haddock, tuna, tilapia, sardines and many other fish.
  • Poultry product can be duck, turkey, and chicken without their skin, and eggs.
  • Other types of meat can be fat-free lamb, pork and beef.

Legumes and Grains for overcoming the Pre Diabetic Stage

Use more whole grains than processed grains. Below is a list to help you fight the condition.

  • Grain bread which can be multi-grain bread, oat bran bread and buckwheat bread.
  • Other products can be whole wheat spaghetti, buckwheat, whole barley, brown rice, wild rice, muesli and oat bran cereal.
  • Legumes can be split peas, garbanzo beans, soybeans, pinto beans or kidney beans.

There are certain foods which have to be avoided by a person with pre diabetic conditions. These are food products which are highin cholesterol and fats. Oily and fried foods have to be avoided. When making food choices, think more of the nutrients and not so much the taste. Desserts such as pudding, sweets, ice-cream and things which are too sweet must not be taken. Use recipes which are tasty and yet be healthy for the pre diabetic.

Besides food, some daily exercise can assist you to remain fit and healthy and remove you from the pre diabetic stage. So, from this pre diabetic diet guidelines, prepare meals to get the right diet to prevent diabetes. Follow such a meal plan and you will soon return to your normal blood glucose range.

*** Posted By Natasha A.Nada ***