Other Types of Diabetes.



Other Forms of Diabetes

While most people with diabetes have either Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, there are also a few less common forms of the disease.


A similar condition is called impaired glucose tolerance. With this problem, the body’s response to sugar in the blood is not normal, but it has not yet reached the level at which actual diabetes can be diagnosed. Impaired glucose tolerance can be diagnosed by giving a patient a glucose tolerance test. People with this problem will show an abnormal response to the test because their bodies :

  • Cannot use the insulin properly to reduce blood sugars in a normal way.
  • Do not produce it fast enough
  • Do not produce enough insulin

People with impaired glucose tolerance usually do not have the classic signs and symptoms of diabetes. Even so, some may eventually develop diabetes. But for others, blood sugar levels may return to normal without treatment. However, people with this condiĀ­tion should take special care to maintain normal body weight and to watch for the signs and symptoms of diabetes.


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Gestation refers to the time period in which a woman is pregnant. Gestational diabetes is a condition in women who do not have the common types of diabetes, but for some reason cannot metabolize sugar normally during their pregnancy. These women may develop a true case of diabetes after the baby is born, either right after the birth or some years later. It is vital to manage gestational diabetes to avoid diabetes complications for the mother and the baby.

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