The Link between Obesity and Type ll Diabetes.



Overweight and type ll diabetes

In many ways, being overweight and type ll diabetes are linked. Although how exactly they are linked is not known, most type II diabetics are obese. Fortunately, obesity and type II diabetes can be less of a problem or avoided with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Type II diabetes, which is also called non-insulin dependent diabetes or adult onset diabetes, is a condition which is suffered by many people. This health problem, which can be serious, happens either when the body’s cells have become insulin resistant or when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin. Both instances result in an excessive increase in blood sugar levels. Age and genetics are the factors leading to type ll diabetes, while those who lead a sedentary life and are obese are even more at risk.

There is still insufficient evidence to directly link obesity to type ll diabetes. Researchers believe that too much calories as a result of overeating stress the body’s system enough to eventually cause the body’s insulin receptors to be not so sensitive to insulin. It is also believed that there is a connection between obesity and type ll diabetes due to the fact that inflammation is caused by obesity when constantly high levels of fat in the bloodstream also disrupts the proper transport of glucose to all parts of the body.

The chance of getting type ll diabetes is even greater when the body weight increases. Almost 90 percent of all those diagnosed with type ll diabetes are obese. And today, with more and more young people suffering from obesity, type ll diabetes is being diagnosed in children and young adults.

Obesity, together with poorly managed type ll diabetes, can result in many health problems. Too much sugar in the bloodstream can adversely affect blood vessels. This leads to poor blood circulation to various parts of the body, culminating in damage to the nerves, hands, feet and eyes. Chronic obesity can lead to the possibility of suffering from heart disease, arthritis, and cancer.

Both, obesity and type ll diabetes can be controlled or avoided in certain ways. Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet to ensure a healthy weight can probably lessen the possibility of getting type ll diabetes. Getting rid of extra weight can lessen type ll diabetes symptoms, and researches have indicated that insulin resistance can be reduced through regular exercise. So, regular exercise, reducing sugar consumption, and enjoying nutritious foods can bring blood glucose levels down.

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