FDA Approval for Smaller, Lighter OmniPod.



Insulet has an improved version of its OmniPod, which has been approved by the FDA recently, allowing diabetics who depend upon daily insulin to have a much lesser invasive method for their diabetes management.

This improved OmniPod is only slightly larger when compared with a ripe raspberry, one-third the size of the previous version and only three-quarter the weight of the first OmniPod, yet it has an insulin reservoir of 200 units as well as an improved Personal Diabetes Manager which makes sure you get the insulin doses that are right.

This improved insulin delivery system has a waterproof pump that sends programmed patient required amounts and can be worn unnoticed by others. A Personal Diabetes Manager, which can be held in the hand, has a library on foods to assist patients to know the carbohydrates consumed in order to find out the dosage required. The OmniPod has its own blood sugar meter.


Behind the new OmniPod System -Video Guide


According to the experts, this technologically improved OmniPod makes management of diabetes easier and better health of the patients is easier to achieve when the right quantity of insulin is delivered every time.

When announcing the approval of the latest version of the OmniPod, Dr. Steve Edelman, who is the founder of an organization known as Taking Control of Your Diabetes and San Diego’s University of California’s Clinical Professor of Medicine, believes that improved clinical results can be achieved by his patients as the new technology will help to make diabetes management so much easier for them.

The improved OmniPod is believed to be available in the market by March, 2013; by which time health care professionals would have been briefed by officials on its benefits.

For further information on the OmniPod or its expected availability on the market, go to http://www.myomnipod.com/NewOmniPod

*** Posted By Natasha A.Nada ***