Insulin Uses.



Insulin, as a medication, is used to control blood glucose levels of children and adults with type 1 diabetes as well as some adult type 2 diabetics. There are numerous types of insulin medications and each diabetic is given a particular set of rules to follow. However, there are times when doctors have prescribed insulin for other health problems, one of which is high potassium levels.

What Is Insulin Used For?

Insulin is prescribed to people who need to control their blood glucose levels as they suffer from type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Insulin has to be injected into the body because its own natural insulin cannot be produced by the pancreas.


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Using an Insulin Regimen

The amount of natural insulin released into the bloodstream of healthy people is never constant, depending upon the level of blood sugar detected by the body. When doctors prescribe insulin for diabetics, they have to follow the way natural insulin changes to effectively control blood glucose level and so, the doctors provide different insulin regimens suitable for each of them. Often, diabetics are given a long or intermediate acting insulin is given to enable the diabetic to have a normal range of blood glucose the whole day. A short or rapid acting insulin is used to overcome the abrupt increase of blood glucose level that usually happens after a meal.

However, no one insulin regimen is suitable for every diabetic, not even for the same individual for all times. So, your doctor must know the insulin regimen which is right for your way of living, your daily food intake and what level of blood glucose is best for you.

If your doctor and you want a higher insulin regimen that ensures you will at no time have excess sugar in your blood, it is the best way to lessen possible long-term complications but this can easily bring on hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels). Those who live alone and may be unable to get anyone to assist at times of low blood sugar levels may be given a not so aggressive insulin dosage so that their blood sugar level will not be too low. This is also suitable for the elderly, for whom long-term complications are not so important.

How Does Insulin Work?

The production of insulin by the pancreas is a natural process which is stimulated by the presence of blood sugar in the bloodstream. As a hormone, insulin has the function of assisting the cells to absorb the sugar (€œ”glucose”) from the bloodstream. In the cells, the glucose is converted to energy. This energy to necessary for all the cells in your body to function well. However, the pancreas of every type 1 diabetic or some of type 2 diabetics cannot produce sufficient insulin.

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