Insulin Storage – The Most Suitable Place For Storing Insulin.



Ensuring the Effectiveness of Your Insulin

The aim of proper insulin storage is to make sure it remains effective when you need it. Therefore, the best place for your insulin which is used each day ought to be at normal room temperature which should be not higher than 86 F or lower than 36 F. If the temperature in the room goes out of this range, then it is the refrigerator where you should have the insulin stored. At room temperature, insulin remains effective for a period of 28 days. Furthermore, with insulin at room temperature, the injection is more pleasant.

If the insulin is meant for use at a later date, it ought to be placed inside a refrigerator where the temperature should be not lower than 36 F and not higher than 46 F. All prefilled pens and insulin cartridges which have not been used ought to be similarly kept. Remember that a temperature below 36 F can have insulin frozen and useless.

Peoper Insulin Storage – Video Guide

Further information on storage of insulin:

Write on your insulin bottle’s label the date you start using as well as the date of expiry which has to be 28 days from the starting date. Manufacturers of insulin advice users to discard any remaining insulin after the 28 days of usage.

You should keep refrigerated some unused insulin in reserve for times when the effectiveness of the present supply is lost or destroyed.

It is advisable to read any information that comes with the insulin or gather particular information on insulin storage of the type of insulin which you are currently using.


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