5 Tips for Insulin Injection Site Rotation.



The Most Effective Insulin Injection

Multiple insulin injections everyday is a part of life for type I diabetics. Yet, how many diabetics know that the level of absorption as well as the effectiveness of the insulin depends upon the site of the injection?

Below are 5 suggestions to get the most effective insulin injection.

1. As far as possible, inject into the skin at the stomach and near the triceps.

The stomach is the place where insulin can be easily absorbed. However, you should never inject in the area covering a radius of 2 inches around your navel. The second best areas are the upper arm and upper thigh area. Insulin is slowly absorbed in the hips and buttocks.

 2. Get a new site near the old site of the last injection.

Choosing a new site is known as site rotation. It can still be the abdomen area but the site you can choose may be approximately an inch from the last injection. Continue choosing a new site in the same small area until all possible sites have been used before beginning on another area.

3. Insulin should be sent into fat tissues, not muscles.

The stomach area, the area near the triceps as well as the outer side of the thighs are chosen areas for injection because of the fatty tissues(subcutaneous fat) in them. Injecting into these areas can lessen the possibility of having insulin injected too near to a nerve or big blood vessels.

4. Injections should be given at the same area and time every day.

This means that, every day, you inject into your abdomen in the morning, and then inject the arm for your evening. This assists in better absorption of the insulin into your body.

5. Have a proper record of site rotation.

Having records will have you remember the areas you have used and prevent those same areas from being injected again and again. Injecting an area again and again will lead to fat deposits which give a lumpy appearance on your skin and slow down insulin absorption.

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