Insulin and Weight Gain.



Does Insulin Cause Weight Gain?

For diabetics who regularly take insulin, weight gain is a usually experienced. There are a number of reasons for this increase in weight. One reason is that insulin lessens the disposal of glucose from the diabetic’€™s body and the unused glucose is changed into fat. However, gaining weight as a result of taking insulin daily is not inevitable, as weight can be managed with the right diet and exercise.

An Overview of Weight Gain from Taking Insulin

An increase in weight is one of many depressing side effects of insulin. Although weight gain happens to people using insulin, it is possible to lessen, if not prevent, the increase in weight.


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Why Does Insulin Cause Weight Gain?

Among the few reasons for the side effects of insulin, the most important one is that less blood sugar (glucose) is removed from the body through the urine. When insulin is not used to control diabetes, the body is unable to make proper use of sugar and so, is removed through the urine. When the body cannot make use of sugar, or change it into fat for storage in the body, it is deprived of the food. That is why suddenly getting thinner is a symptom of diabetes. However, once the diabetic uses insulin, glucose is available to the body once again and extra glucose is no longer disposed of through the urine. Instead, it is kept as fat and that is the reason for weight gain. So, insulin does not actually cause the weight gain. Rather, it only corrects the problem and allows the diabetic to eat normally, which is to consume more than is necessary.

Insulin can also cause happenings of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels ). As hypoglycemia is frightening and can lead to coma, diabetics react to this possibility by eating more than what is needed so as to prevent it. As a result of overeating, the body increases in weight.

Another reason for the increase in weight is the fact that people who take insulin feel that their problem has been treated and, therefore, allow themselves to consume as much as they wish. Although it s correct to say that insulin can be depended upon to control blood sugar levels regardless of the amount or type of food consumed if the you are good at adjusting the dosage of insulin to be taken; insulin can never stop any gain in weight if too much food is eaten.

It is believed that insulin causes an increase in weight. However, it is still not known the reason or in what manner insulin can be the cause of weight gain.

Stopping Insulin to Prevent Weight Gain ?

Some diabetics who experience an increase in weight while using insulin are thinking of solving their weight problem by either reducing the insulin dosage or stopping insulin use totally. Of course, this works but it can lead to high blood sugar levels resulting in dangerous complications. Actually, a diabetic can eat all he wants and still deprive his body of the food taken since, in the absence of insulin; much of what has been eaten cannot be of use to the body. This can stimulate the body to break down its own fat. When this happens, acidic ketones are released into the bloodstream. The acidity in the blood is a condition known as DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis ) and it can bring about dangerous complications. Should a diabetic manage to escape diabetic ketoacidosis, other long-term complications like kidney failure and high blood pressure can happen. So, it is unwise for a diabetic to reduce or stop taking the insulin dose which is required by his body. However, it is believed this is a problem with some young women who are more weight and shape conscious.

Diet and Exercise to Avoid Weight Gain

After reading the discussion above, you should have known that the use of insulin does not bring about an increase in weight. The way to prevent any gain in weight is to have the right diet and have sufficient exercise daily. Weight gain is a problem for people with diabetes because they still consume just as much food as before diabetes. It may initially be tough to adjust eating habits but it can be done to achieve the right weight which is important to your health. For this reason, it is necessary for you to seek advice from your doctor if a weight problem arises while using insulin.

And remember to always consult your doctor on any change of diet, exercise program, or insulin dosage.

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