How to Treat Gestational Diabetes?



Treatment of Diabetes during Pregnancy

Treatment has to be started at once if it is gestational diabetes you have been diagnosed with. The aim of gestational diabetes treatment is to ensure levels of blood glucose are not above the safe range so that the possibility of complications pre- and post-birth to both mother and child are lessened. It is possible for most women to have their blood glucose levels in the safe range through consuming meals that balance carbohydrates (55 – 60 % of calories), fat, and protein. Another way to keep blood glucose under control is to exercise regularly. Checking blood glucose levels is also a part of the treatment. Should a healthy diet and everyday exercise not be able to control levels of blood glucose, insulin injection is necessary. Oral diabetic medications should not be given during pregnancy.

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Women suffering from gestational diabetes are advised to do the following:

  • Eat more meals with each meal containing less food each day. Do not forget to eat any meal.
  • Consume food from all groups of food and eat the amount of calories needed.
  • As insulin resistance is at its highest when you awaken, eat less carbohydrates at breakfast.
  • Eat almost the same amount of carbohydrates at every meal or snack.
  • Consume some lean protein, like tuna, egg whites, lean meat, legumes, or nonfat products made from milk.
  • Eat high fiber foods, like legumes, whole grains, raw vegetables, and fruit.
  • Choose whole foods as your source for carbohydrates, like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. Carbohydrates are needed but its intake ought to be moderate and taken with each meal throughout the day.
  • Eat less those foods with a high content of saturated fats (animal fats) and sugar.
  • Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water each day.
  • Make sure you get sufficient essential minerals and vitamins every day.
  • Regular exercise, which cannot cause distress to the fetus, contraction of the uterus, or hypertension during pregnancy, should be done.
  • Make sure your weight gain progresses steadily and healthily.

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Gestational Diabetes Treatment

Gestational diabetes treatment for each woman is different. Therefore, it is necessary for women with gestational diabetes to discuss with their doctors and qualified dietitians on how they can develop a treatment plan which is suitable for one particular person. You have to understand that, despite gestational diabetes mellitus, a healthy baby can still be delivered. It is also possible for you to experience a normal pregnancy with the right gestational diabetes treatment and blood glucose management through some changes in your lifestyle. Being monitored regularly by your medical practitioner is necessary.

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