Gestational Diabetes – When to Call a Doctor and Get Medical Help.



Someone must call 911 or any other emergency services immediately if:

  • Your breath has a fruity smell, your breathing is too fast, you are confused and sleepy as these can be symptoms of high blood glucose.
  • You become unconscious, confused or very sleepy as these may be symptoms of low blood glucose.


Contact your doctor immediately if:

  • Your blood glucose is above 300 mg/dl or above the level set by your doctor.


Contact your doctor as soon as possible if you:

  • Have difficulty knowing low blood glucose levels when they happen.
  • Frequently experience low or high blood glucose levels.
  • Your diarrhea and vomiting has exceeded six hours.
  • Are ill and is unable to control your blood glucose levels.
  • Need to find out more about gestational diabetes.


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Who to see

The health professionals who are able to diagnose and give treatment for gestational diabetes are:

  • An obstetrician who is a doctor who specializes in caring for pregnant women.
  • A perinatologist who is a doctor who specializes in pregnancies with high risks.
  • A general practitioner or family medical doctor who has been trained or has an interest in gestational diabetes.

After you get your diagnosis of gestational diabetes, the health professional may refer you to others who can teach you everything you need to know about gestational diabetes. Such health professionals are:

  •  A registered dietitian.All women with gestational diabetes require the services of a registered dietitian to assist them in the choice of the right foods. If there is a need for adjustments in the way you eat, you may need to see your dietitian a number of times.
  • A certified diabetes educator or CDE.

A CDE can be a pharmacist, doctor, registered dietitian, registered nurse or any health professional with the experience and training in diabetes care. A CDE assist you in looking after your own self and making changes necessary for a healthy pregnancy when faced with gestational diabetes.

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