Diabetes Prevention and Control.



Taking Control of Your Diabetes

A change in lifestyle can be the right move in diabetes prevention. It is not too late to begin the change. Take a look at the latest tips.

It is important to prevent type 2 diabetes. Even more so when there are risk factors such as hereditary factors and being overweight are present. Then, diabetes prevention is of utmost importance.

Just eating healthier, nutritious food, being active physically and reducing any excess weight can help to prevent diabetes; and there is no excuse for doing them as it will never be too late for anyone to begin the change. Making these simple lifestyle changes can help prevent severe medical complications of diabetes in the years to come; complications like heart, kidney and nerve damage. Below are the latest tips for the prevention of diabetes prepared by the ADA (American Diabetes Association).

Tip 1: Be more active physically

Lots of benefits can be derived from daily physical activity. Physical activity can assist you to:

  • Lose weight
  • Bring down the level of your blood glucose
  • Increase your insulin sensitivity. This can assist you to maintain a normal level of blood glucose

Studies have indicated that resistance training as well as aerobic exercise can assist in the control of diabetes. However, when both the activities are combined in a program, they give the best results. (see Exercise Prescription for Diabetes)

Tip 2: Consume lots of fiber

It can be tough; it can be rough; but fiber can certainly provide you a smooth path away from diabetes by:

  • Reducing the possibility of getting diabetes through better blood sugar control.
  • Lessening the chance of suffering from heart disease.
  • Making you feel replete and help you lose weight.

Seeds, nuts, whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits are foods which contain lots of fiber.


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Tip 3: Consume whole grains

Whole grains can lessen the possibility of getting diabetes and assist in keeping the blood glucose levels within the normal range. However, how whole grains can give such benefits is still not known. Since there are benefits, half of the grains you consume should come from whole grains. Whole grains are found in many cooked or baked foods such as cereals, pasta products and many types of bread. Look at the label as well as the ingredient list to find the word “€œwhole”€ to confirm that the product is made with whole grains.

Tip 4: Lose excess weight

Diabetes prevention may depend upon loss of weight for success if you are obese. You may be surprised to know that a study showed that the risk for diabetes was reduced by a hefty 16 percent for each kilogram of weight lost! And those who exercised every day for more than three years lost a minimum of 5 to 10 percent of their weight which was recorded at the beginning of the program, and lowered the risk of getting diabetes by nearly 60 percent!

Tip 5: Avoid fad diets and choose nutrient-rich food

Although many fad diets, such as the glycemic index diet and the low-carb diets, may initially help you to lose weight, but their long term effects are not known. The effectiveness of these fad diets in the prevention of diabetes is also unknown. Furthermore, if there are restrictions on any specific group of food, certain essential nutrients may not be available. So, it is better to have variety as well as control over the amount of food consumed in a generally nutritious, balanced food plan.

When to consult your doctor

When you are past the age of 45, even if your body weight is normal, you should consult your doctor to find out whether you need diabetes testing. According to the American Diabetes Association, blood sugar screening is advisable if:

  • You are past the age of 45 and obese.
  • You have not reached the age of 45, but you are overweight with at least one risk factor, including a non-active lifestyle or hereditary factors, for type 2 diabetes.

Discuss with your doctor about your anxiety about diabetes prevention. Your doctor will certainly approve and encourage you with more suggestions with regard to your own medical background and other related matters.

*** Posted By Natasha A.Nada ***