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Diabetes Mellitus

Each day, the United States get over four thousand people diagnosed with diabetes. When these people were told of the diagnosis, of the lifestyle changes they will have to make, the smaller amount of food they must consume and the types of food best avoided, the increase in physical activity that is necessary, weight control and the medication every day for the rest of their lives, they were initially shocked and depressed. Fortunately, these diabetics also found out that they have a lot of control over this condition. With excellent control diabetics can still have a long life with good health and less complications, if not no complications.

Undoubtedly, being diagnosed with diabetes is distressful, a shocking awareness that lifestyle has to be changed with the problem needing to be monitored throughout the day. It is normal for a newly diagnosed diabetic to be depressed as there is that feeling of losing control over your body, if not your life too. However, control of the condition is possible. So, talk to your doctor about your feeling of depression and let him assist you to overcome it.

With a little effort on lifestyle modifications and a willingness to obey doctor’€™s instructions, it is just a matter of time before the diabetic realizes that there is still life after diabetes, especially when a suitable diet, proper exercise and the right medication restores health and removes whatever symptoms which could have taken a person to the attention of a doctor.

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