Diabetes and Smoking.



We Are Always Told Smoking Is Bad For Our Health. For The Diabetic, Smoking Can Do Even More Harm.

Besides the usual reasons, what other reasons are there for a diabetic to stop smoking?

Today, there is no doubt that smoking in itself is a risk factor for diabetes. For diabetics, smoking multiplies the risk of diabetes complications.

Smoking brings even more risk of suffering from diabetes complications such as stroke, heart disease, and various circulation problems.

With some diabetics, smoking can increase the risk of the mentioned complications by a hundred percent. Smoking also doubles the possibility of getting erectile dysfunction and kidney problems.

The main cause of death for people suffering from type 2 diabetes is cardiovascular disease.

Smoking and Diabetes – Video Guide

In what way can smoking add to the possibility of my getting heart disease as a diabetic?

If diabetes is badly managed or has been suffered for decades, the heart can be damaged.

A high blood sugar level alters the artery walls’€™ composition, causing them to have greater probability of fatty deposits on their surface.

This in turn reduces circulation when the artery becomes narrower.

I do not suffer from diabetes, but I smoke. Can smoking lead me to diabetes?

Smoking is a proven risk factor for the body’s resistance to insulin. Diabetics who have insulin resistance cannot properly use the insulin produced by their body.

Similar to genetics as well as obesity, smoking is known as one of some factors which bring about insulin resistance. Insulin resistance frequently develops into diabetes.

What other diabetes complications can smoking cause?

Other diabetes complications proven to be made worse by smoking are diabetic nephropathy and albuminuria.

There is a correlation between retinopathy and smoking. However, they are not as obvious as cardiovascular risks.

Smoking is obviously the main risk factor for the growth and worsening of diabetic neuropathy.

As a diabetic, what benefits can I get if I stop smoking?

Quitting smoking lessens the risk of getting serious diabetes-related complications.

Many diabetics have no wish to quit because of worry about possible weight gain. However, they should realize that studies have shown the benefits derived from stopping smoking is greater than whatever harmful effects weight gain can bring.

What ought to be done if I find it difficult to stop smoking, and I’€™m concerned that it is making my diabetes worse?

Your medical practitioner or healthcare team ought to be able to advice you. Accepting the advice on quitting smoking should be taken as a part of treatment for diabetes. If you are worried about weight gain, discuss it with your health professionals.


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