Diabetes and Sexual Problems.



What Type of Sexual Problems can be Suffered by Diabetics?

Due to damage of nerves as well as blood capillaries, men and women who suffer from diabetes can face sexual problems. Diabetes and sexual problems do go together, as you will soon find out. Muscles move because they respond to signals channeled through nerves from the brain; and this is what happens when someone wishes to take a cup, the message from the brain is delivered to certain muscles in the hand through the nerves. When it comes to the bladder and heart, such signals are stimulated as the control over them is not consciously made like that of the legs and arms. We call nerves which have control over our internal organs autonomic nerves. Sexual stimuli cause the body to function on its own, caused by the autonomic nerves that signal an increase in the blood sent to the sexual organ to cause it to become fuller and firmer. So, when damage to these autonomic nerves occur, normal sexual function is not possible. Damaged blood vessels lead to less blood flow and sexual dysfunction results.

Sex as a diabetic complication?

Type 1 diabetics as well as type 2 diabetics frequently have sexual problems. According to studies made, 25 percent of women and 50 percent of men can have sexual problems. There are cases which are so bad that urge for sex no longer exist.

Problems resulting from diabetes in men

Damage to the nerves, called diabetic neuropathy, is a complication brought by diabetes. Erectile tissue damage brought on by diabetic neuropathy will lead to the diabetic being unable to achieve or maintain an erection. Studies have found 33 percent of diabetic men with erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, this can be avoided by good management of blood glucose with exercise, diet, insulin injections and pills. A majority of these people found that initial sexual problems can improve until they can have an erection once again.

Problems resulting from diabetes in women

Diabetes can bring on recurrent fungal vaginitis which is a vaginal inflammation caused by yeast. After this yeast infection, it is possible for bacterial infection to follow. For women suffering from vaginitis, sex may be painful. Itching or burning sensations are also vaginitis symptoms. Cystitis can easily occur repeatedly for women diabetics. The clitoris can be affected by diabetic neuropathy and this can result in no orgasm for these women.

What can be done?

If you have some kind of sexual problems, you ought to talk to your medical practitioner who can prescribe some medicine if it is necessary.

Similar to other health problems resulting from diabetes, they can be avoided by:

  • Avoiding alcohol, and smoking
  • Exercising sufficiently everyday
  • Eating a nutritious, balanced diet
  • Maintain the right body weight
  • Keeping your levels of blood glucose within the normal range by following the schedule for your prescribed medications. Visit your doctor regularly for checkups to check on your blood glucose levels.

Who May Have to Suffer Sexual Problems in Diabetics?

Diabetic neuropathy and other connected sexuality as well as Urologic conditions seem to occur more frequently among people who

  • Are not good at management of their blood sugar
  • Have blood cholesterol levels which are too high
  • Have hypertension
  • Are obese
  • Have passed the age of 40
  • Have the smoking habit
  • Lead a sedentary life

The possible effects of Diabetes on Sex Life?

Diabetes is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient or no insulin leading to the cells of the body unable to use blood sugar which when accumulated over much result in high levels of blood sugar and diabetes. Diabetes brings on hormonal imbalance which most probably affects sex life. Many diabetics have sexual problems which they are too embarrassed to report or tell their doctors. Continue to read to know the extent diabetes affect sex as well as relationship:

  • Diabetics lose the desire for sex. Fortunately, this only occurs when diabetes is not well controlled, there is a disregard for proper meal plans, and there is hardly any exercise.
  • Levels of high blood sugar can result in a loss of libido.
  • Years of diabetes can result in nerve problems which can cause discomfort in some sexual positions which can get the nerves involved in the act to be strained.
  • Premature ejaculation can be experienced by diabetics whose body have high triglycerides levels.
  • Fortunately, the above problem may be avoided if the diabetic exercises every day and controls the body’s levels of blood sugar.

Sex and Diabetes – Video Guide

What Diabetic Complications Lead to Sexual Problems?

In Women

Possible sexual problems are:

  • Hardly any sexual response
  • Loss of libido
  • Feel discomfort and painful sexual intercourse
  • Less lubricating fluid from the vaginal, leading to dry vagina.

Hardly any sexual response can also mean unable to be or stay aroused, lessened or no feeling in the vaginal area and difficulty in reaching orgasm.

Sexual problems among diabetic women can be caused by damage to the nerves, lessened flow of blood to the vaginal area as well as hormonal changes. Smoking, alcohol abuse, medications, depression or anxiety, gynecologic infections, certain diseases and ill problems linked to menopause or pregnancy can also cause sexual problems.

In Men

Erectile Dysfunction

When a man is always unable to achieve an erection sufficiently stiff for sexual intercourse, he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Men who are unable to achieve an erection or have it stay firm long enough to have sexual intercourse are also having the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Besides diabetes, erectile dysfunction can also be caused by hypertension (high blood pressure), alcohol abuse, blood vessel disease, and kidney disease. It can also be the side-effects of certain medicines, psychological causes, smoking and the lack of certain hormones.

Retrograde Ejaculation

When some or all semen from a man moves to the bladder and not out of the penis while ejaculating, the problem he faces is known as retrograde ejaculation. This happens when the sphincter muscles cannot function properly, not closing the passage to the bladder during ejaculation and allowing semen to go into the bladder to combine with the urine there. As a result, hardly any semen is ejaculated through the penis. The semen from the bladder is sent out of the body together with the urine during urination without any harm to the bladder. Sometimes, the problem of retrograde ejaculation is not realized unless fertility problems take him to a doctor where an analysis of his urine after sexual intercourse will show that semen is present in the urine.

Retrograde ejaculation can be caused by poor maintenance of blood sugar and its complication, diabetic neuropathy. Certain medicines and prostate surgery may also be the causes.

Sexual Problem Prevention for Diabetics?

The possibility of diabetics getting urologic and sexual problems can be reduced by having cholesterol, blood glucose, and, blood pressure levels as near as possible to the target range suggested by the medical practitioner. Having regular exercise and keeping the right weight can assist you to avoid all the diabetic complications. Quitting cigarette smoking will lessen the possibility of getting urologic and sexual problems which are caused by diabetic neuropathy as well as heart attack, kidney disease, and stroke which are linked to diabetes.

What treatments for Sexual Problems suffered by Diabetics?

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction which results from nerve damage, or neuropathy. The treatment can be prescribed oral pills, the use of a vacuum pump, placing of pellets in the urethra, injections into the male sexual organ, the penis and surgery. Every kind of treatment has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Counseling to lessen worry as well as other problems may need to be given. Should all the above treatments fail, surgery for repairing arteries or to put in a gadget to help produce an erection is a last resort.

Treating Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation can be caused by diabetes as well as surgery. Treatment for retrograde ejaculation is done with medicine which makes the tone of the bladder sphincter muscle stronger. An experienced urologist can treat infertility by using fertility techniques like taking the sperm out from the urine and doing artificial insemination with the sperm.

Treating Women

Diabetic women should talk with their medical practitioner if they have sexual problems and any difference in their response to sexual stimulation. To get to the cause of the problem, the medical practitioner will have to look into the patient’€™s medical background, whatever gynecological problems, infections, the kind of problem and the times such problems are experienced, alcoholic drinking, smoking, medications, and any other health problems. The patient may also be asked whether she is pregnant, has started experiencing menopause, is depressed, or is having unpleasant life changes. The patient may need a physical examination as well as laboratory tests to verify the causes of her problems. She will be asked about her control over her blood sugar.

Vaginal dryness can be overcome with vaginal lubricants. Inability to respond sexually can be treated with changes in sexual positions as well as stimulation while having sex. Psychological counseling can help with some patients. It seems Kegel exercises can assist to make the pelvic muscles stronger and this can help make sexual response better. Diabetes and sexual problems are being studied with the use of drugs as a possible treatment..


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