Diabetes and Heart Disease.



How Diabetes Can Lead to Heart Disease

If you suffer from diabetes, or metabolic syndrome, the possibility of getting heart disease, especially CAD (coronary artery disease), is very much greater. Below are the reasons for the greater risk.

  • High blood glucose levels are closely connected to endothelial dysfunction, a problem involving the abnormal functioning of the endothelial lining (inner lining) of blood vessels. Endothelial dysfunction leads to atherosclerosis.
  • High blood glucose levels cause blood platelets, which assist in blood-clotting whenever wounds occur, to be gooier, and so, allow blood to coagulate easier. Due to this, the possibility of people with diabetes suffering from abnormal clotting of the blood is much higher. The formation of blood clots, known as thrombosis, in arteries leading to the heart, are the main cause of ACS(Acute coronary syndrome)
  • Studies reveal that the plaques which are formed in blood vessels at the time of atherosclerosis are not the same as those found in people not suffering from diabetes. In diabetics, plaques contain a greater amount of lipids and macrophages than usual. Due to the excessive amount of lipids and macrophages, the plaques rupture more easily and this results in acute coronary syndrome.

Diabetes and Risk for Heart Disease – Video Guide

If you have diabetes, you ought to realize that inside your own body are factors which increase your risk for coronary artery disease. So, if there are other factors added, your risk is multiplied. And these other factors are easily found in people with metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes, as they are connected with obesity and living a sedentary life.

Avoiding risk factors is essential to the welfare of everybody. However, it is even more necessary if you suffer from diabetes or metabolic syndrome. You will have to manage your blood glucose levels well. Besides that, you have to get the assistance of your medical practitioner to lesser all other possible risk factors. This involves actively controlling lipid abnormalities and hypertension, having good weight control, getting sufficient exercise and putting a stop to smoking.

Although the risk for cardiovascular diseases is so high as a result of having diabetes or metabolic syndrome, there is plenty which can be done to remain healthy. You need to learn all about ways to reduce cardiovascular risks and do whatever you possibly can to lower the risk.

*** Posted By Natasha A.Nada ***