Diabetes and Hearing Loss.



The Diabetes and Hearing Loss Connection

America’s two most widespread health problems are diabetes and hearing loss. Approximately 34 million Americans have some kind of hearing loss and almost 27 million Americans suffer from diabetes.

Since the figures are almost the same, can there be some kind of connection between the two?

According to the NIH (National Institute of Health), there is for twice as many diabetics suffer from hearing loss as non-diabetics. Furthermore, among the adults believed to be in the pre-diabetes stage, numbering 78 million, the figure for hearing loss is 30 percent more than those adults whose blood glucose is normal.

Diabetes PSA Together With Hearing Loss Launched

Together with Better Speech and Hearing Month, a PSA action was launched by Sonus, which is connected to the ADA (American Diabetes Association), to have people know about the connection between diabetes and hearing loss.

How diabetes contributes to loss of hearing

The inner ear’s nerves and blood vessels enable hearing to take place. Over a period of high levels of blood sugar, nerves and blood vessels can be damaged, resulting in gradually diminishing hearing capability.

I do not have any hearing problem

For many people, the loss of hearing occurs gradually and so, is not noticed even by the person suffering from it. In fact, it is the friends and family members who communicate with the person, who realize that there is hearing loss before the person does.

Sometimes even a doctor cannot detect hearing loss as screening is seldom done and a quiet room is often used for such a screening test. Below are some signs of loss in hearing :

  • Often asking for what has been said to be repeated.
  • Problems getting what is said in conversations between three or more people.
  • Believing that others are not speaking clearly or loud enough.
  • Problems hearing what has been said in noisy and busy places.
  • Problems hearing softer voices such as those of small children and women.
  • Having the radio or TV sound volume too high for nearby people.

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How is it possible for my hearing to be bad? I have not reached 65 yet!

Many people with loss of hearing have not reached the age of 65. Children can have hearing problems.

What can I do about it if I think I have a loss of hearing?

Consult your doctor. Then, you may look for hearing specialists such as an audiologist who is licensed to provide hearing aids, or a specialist doctor on hearing problems. With a complete hearing examination, you get to know more concerning your loss of hearing and the treatment for it.

What is the treatment for hearing loss?

Hearing loss can sometimes be due to earwax buildup and all that is required is the removal of the wax by a doctor. Treatment depends upon the kind of hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss is the most commonly suffered. It is also the type linked to diabetes and usually, there is no cure. Fortunately, hearing aids can be used to overcome the problem.

How good are hearing aids?

During the last few years, hearing aids have improved tremendously. Unlike those older hearing aids which only make sounds louder, the newer ones can help you to hear more clearly. They also come along with volume control which is automatic as well as lessen background sounds.

But I don’€™t like people to see me with my hearing aids.

The size of hearing aids has diminished. They can hardly be noticed by anyone while you are using them. However, without your hearing aids, people are sure to notice your loss of hearing. Those who do not get treatment for their problems can feel depressed and avoid meeting their friends. For those who have hearing aids, they enjoy a better life; according to studies made.

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