Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction.



Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction

The possibility of suffering from impotence, erectile dysfunction is higher for diabetic men, more so if they do not have their blood sugar levels under control. When you have erectile dysfunction, it means that you cannot get an erection stiff enough to have sexual intercourse. Short periods of erectile dysfunction do happen to many men but a very few have this as a permanent problem.


Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction may the result of physical as well as psychological factors such as:

Erectile dysfunction occurs gradually over a long period of time, taking months, if not years, to eventual loss of the ability to be erect. If spontaneous erection can happen after a night or a day, it shows that there are psychological causes.

Diabetes Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men – Video Guide


The connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction

It is still not understood why diabetic men are more susceptible to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, we know that diabetic men who do not keep their blood sugar under control are possibly those who get erectile dysfunction. After some years of poor management of their diabetes, these men suffer from nerve damage as well as damage to the blood vessels that send blood to the male organ. Therefore, diabetic men must keep their blood sugar level as normal as possible to assist in lessening the possibility of such problems happening.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction can only be carried out if the cause is known. So, it is necessary to talk about your problem with the doctor. Most of the time, some answers to the doctor’€™s questions can determine whether the problem has a physical cause or a psychological reason.
Tests can reveal whether blood is obstructed from reaching the penis. If it has a hormonal cause, a blood test will reveal if there is a deficiency in certain hormones.


Erectile dysfunction has many alternative treatments. Your choice of treatment should be made after a visit to your doctor for consultation.

Treatment can only be given after the cause of erectile dysfunction is known.

  • Physical causes – Although there exist a number of treatments, the physical cause has to be known. If damage to the nerves or sluggish blood supply, treatment can be  medications, vacuum devices or surgery.
  • Psychological causes -€“ looking into the reasons for stress can be useful. Behavioural therapy as well as counseling are possible treatments that can assist better relationship if the problem involves a partner.

When to consult your doctor

Consult your doctor once you are unable to have an erection.

Women with sexual dysfunction

Diabetic women do find it difficult to have sufficient lubricant fluid at the vagina when aroused sexually, possibly because of autonomic nerve damage in the pelvic region.

Where to get help

  • Your medical practitioner
  • Your doctor who specializes in diabetes
  • Diabetes educator
  • Community healthcare center


  • Diabetic men have a greater possibility of suffering from erectile dysfunction, possibly impotence, if they have poor control over their blood sugar levels.
  • Many treatments which are effective can be found.
  • Consult your doctor immediately when the problem occurs.
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