Chocolate and Diabetes – Can diabetics eat chocolate?



Diabetics are not expected to eat chocolates. However, that does not mean that the use of a little chocolate in the meals cannot be allowed.

Normally, the consumption of chocolate is bound to get blood glucose levels to go up and due to this, diabetics ought to limit their intake of chocolates and, when blood glucose have reached too high a level, to stop eating chocolates.

Effects of eating chocolate on your health

Chocolate has some healthful nutrients. Some of them, called flavonoids, are believed to protect against heart disease. However, be forewarned that a large amount of chocolate can bring negative effects to health too, for blood glucose levels will increase if too much chocolate is eaten, and this can bring complications such as cardiovascular problems. Other than this, be aware that chocolate has lots of calories and eating too much chocolate can result in an increase in weight, leading to greater chances of heart problems.

The amount of chocolate to be eaten

For many diabetics, chocolate should be limited to a very small amount to make sure that there is only a minimal increase in blood glucose levels after its consumption. For diabetics who have no problem with their weight, chocolate can be taken before some kind of exercise. If a diabetic is going to be involved in a higher level of activity, more easily digested carbohydrates can be necessary.

Which is the right chocolate for me?

The right type of Chocolate for a diabetic is the one with a greater quantity of cocoa solids since it contains less fat and sugar. Dark chocolate is the right choice as it contains lots of cocoa solids.


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How good is diabetic chocolate?

Normally, diabetic chocolate has part or all of its sugar content replaced with other sweeteners like sorbitol, maltitol and polyols or sugar alcohols.

Since polyols can give a laxative effect, big amounts of it ought not to be taken. This laxative effect can differ from one person to the next.

Although diabetics do find diabetic chocolate beneficial when they compare it with the usual chocolate, many find the benefits not significant enough.

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