What Seems to Cause Gestational Diabetes?



Diabetes in Pregnancy

Just as the causes of Type I and Type II diabetes are unknown, so is the cause of gestational diabetes(GDM) . We know that during pregnancy a woman’€™s blood glucose control worsens in the last trimester or 3 months. Health experts believe this may be caused by hormone and weight changes that naturally occur with pregnancy. Usually, a woman’€™s pancreas is able to compensate by producing extra insulin. However, some woman’s bodies are unable to keep up, which results in their blood glucose levels staying elevated. These women develop gestational diabetes(GDM)

Because nearly 40 % of women who have GDM develop Type II diabetes later in life, the role that genetics, obesity, and lifestyle play as causal agents is being studied.


Gestational Diabetes (GDM) – Video Guide


What seem to cause the other remaining types of diabetes?

Diabetes and high blood glucose levels can result from other medical conditions and treatment. Here are some examples of what can cause diabetes symptoms:

  • Some drugs ( nicotinic acid and steroids)
  • Endocrine disorders (hyperthyroidism and Cushing’€™s syndrome)
  • Infection (congenital rubella)
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Genetic disorders (Turner’s syndrome)
  • Pancreatic disorder (cystic fibrosis, chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer)
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