Blood Pressure and Diabetes.



Keeping Blood Pressure Low To Be Healthy

Where management of diabetes is concerned, blood pressure is important. The heart, arteries and kidneys are strained when there is high blood pressure (hypertension). Long-term complications such as damage caused to the kidneys, feet and eyes can occur together with being diagnosed with diabetes.  Diabetics have to know that there are other health problems such as strokes and heart disease. Therefore, a blood pressure check ought to be made at each visit to the medical practitioner.

Detect Early to Reduce Risks

Since diabetics have more problems with high blood pressure compared to others who are not diabetics, keeping a close watch on blood pressure is necessary. Suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure multiplies the possibility of getting stokes, heart disease, and kidney, eye, and nerve complications.

Normally, the only method to detect high blood pressure is through taking blood pressure taken every day. That is the reason it is considered  a ‘silent killer€’. Your medical practitioner can help you to have your blood pressure in the safe range if she is able to detect early your blood pressure which has gone too high. When your blood pressure is higher than 120/80 but lower than 140/90, it is an early indication of hypertension. Above 140/90 is a clear sign of hypertension.

Diabetes and the effects of high blood pressure – Video Guide

Ways to Make Sure Your Blood Pressure Stays Down

Should the pressure of your blood is slowly but surely going higher, your medical practitioner ought to suggest certain changes in your way of living that can lower it. It certainly helps with exercising regularly, losing some weight, quitting smoking as well as reducing salt intake.You may even be asked to take medicine for your blood pressure to make sure it does not go too high. Your doctor as well as you have to be more careful to maintain the pressure of your blood at a safe range as diabetics in such a situation can face a greater possibility of dangerous complications linked to hypertension.

Risks For Diabetics

  •  Damage to the kidneys –€“ Tiny filters in the kidneys can be harmed if blood pressure remains too high for a prolonged period. Since kidney damage can result from diabetes, the combination of these two diseases can lead to even more severe damage.
  •  Stroke and heart disease – Persons diagnosed with diabetes have twice the possibility of getting cardiac problems such as a stroke. Atherosclerosis, which is due to the accumulation of plaque sticking to the blood vessels, can have more chances of happening for diabetics.

This is the reason making changes to lifestyle by limiting the consumption of food that contains fat, reducing weight as well as having sufficient exercise is so necessary to having blood pressure in a safe range.

High Blood Pressure Medications

Below are medications which are usually prescribed for hypertension treatment:

  • Calcium Channel Blockers: Calcium Channel Blockers also help the heart as well as the blood vessels to relax and lessen their work.
  • Beta Blockers : Beta blockers assist the heart by getting it to relax and lessening its workload which means that there is no need for the heart to exert so much to have its work done. A heart attack or a stroke can be avoided with the help of beta blockers.
  • ARBs : ARBs  or Angiotensin Receptor Blockers also block ACE which can cause the arteries to be narrow. Similar to the ACE inhibitors, they protect the kidneys although they do it differently.
  • ACE Inhibitors: ACE or Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme, is a kind of protein which can can lead to the tightening of the vessels conveying blood throughout the body. To stop ACE from being sent into the body, a drug which inhibits ACE is taken and it helps to relax the blood vessels. Such inhibitors of ACE are able to reduce the possibility of damage to the kidneys as well as reduce blood pressure and so are probably the right medications for diabetics and those suffering from diseases of the kidneys.
  • Diuretics: Diuretics remove from your body excess liquids as well as salt through urination and this assists in relieving blood pressure on blood.

With the assistance of your medical practitioner, you can control your blood pressure through changes in your lifestyle as well as taking blood pressure medications as prescribed. This will certainly assist you a lot in enjoying a healthier, stronger and longer life.


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