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What is the best blood glucose meter?

Diabetics want to know about the best blood sugar monitor. Every blood sugar monitor has to be accurate within 20 % points of results from the laboratory; the FDA(Food and Drug administration) specifies. Every meter is fairly accurate. The slight error is not a problem except when very tight control over your blood glucose is your aim. If looking for a meter which gives 100% accuracy, read the recommendations given below.

Consideration must be given to your own preferences, your way of life, and your finances, when you are looking for blood sugar monitor which suits you best. Let us study the factors you need to consider when searching for a blood sugar monitor.


The monitor’€™s price is not as important as that of testing strips. You need to buy a monitor only once whereas you use at least a few, if not more, testing strips a day. At a dollar per strip, spoiling one is like throwing away a dollar. For those who do not have to test frequently, the cost each day may not be much. But if there is the need to test upon awakening as well as before and after every meal, the expenses can be fairly high. For a diabetic who have to test four times a day, the expenditure is $125 a month or $1,500 a year.

Find out which test strips have insurance coverage and the amount given. Get the price of test strips to see how you can save some money.


IBG Star Blood Glucose Monitoring System – Video Guide


Ease of Use

If you are always short of time, get a meter that gives you no problems. Go for a meter which gives fast results if you are always fighting for time, with no time to wait. Look for user-friendly features such as an easy-to-read display and uncomplicated buttons.

If you are flustered with things too technical, get one that is simple. But, if you enjoy gadgets with sounds, recent models are right for you. You can get meters which can upload test readings, be plugged straight into a USB port without the use of cords like the Bayer Contour USB meter as well as meters which can be connected to a phone like the iBGStar. This miniature meter has the same size as a small lighter and it can be plugged into an iPod Touch or iPhone, resulting in easy information uploads.

Previous to this, the need to put in a different code, whenever you start on a new batch of testing strips, it can be a problem remembering how codes are to be changed. Fortunately, today, there exist strips that either do not need any code or have a chip in each of them, which automatically puts in a new code for you, imbedded in it


Type 2 diabetics may need to have tests weekly, daily, or many time each day. This depends on their diabetes management aims. Diabetics who aim to achieve tighter blood sugar control normally have tests many times each day. For the best on accuracy, the well reputed meters which have been recommended are :

  • Accu-Check Aviva.
  • TRUEresult.
  • Accu-Check Compact Plus.
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