BlackBerry Calorie Counter Apps.



Track Calories using BlackBerry Applications

Record your intake of calories using the BlackBerry calorie counter apps given below. Nutritional data on fast foods are shown by some and the measuring of the body mass index is done by others. For those keeping track of their weight, these apps are suitable.


FatSecret’€™s Calorie Counter

Calorie Tracker

FatSecret’s Calorie Counter is believed to be the top free app for calorie counting for BlackBerry. It contains a food diary that records the foods consumed by you. It also has a diary to record the calories used up in exercises. You are given a diet calendar so that you can see the progress you achieve for some weeks, even months. This is another free app from BlackBerry App Store.


MyNetDiary’s Calorie Counter

BlackBerry Apss- Calorie Counter

Each day’s reports and analysis of consumed calories are given in MyNetDiary’€™s The Calorie Counter app. To help you plan healthy meals, it has 100,000 items of food. It also has several exercises with the calories used up in a certain time span. You can also keep a record of supplement usage and water consumed. It is a free app from the BlackBerry App Store.


GI and Calorie Counter

GI and Calories Counter

This GI and Calorie Counter app gives nutritional data for various types of beverages and foods. Besides showing the cholesterol, sugar, carbohydrates, fat, and calorie content of a food, it also gives the value of the glycemic index which is important for diabetics. It also gives a checker for junk food and a body mass index. There is a complaint that it does not add items of food not already in its database. For $4.99 at Blackberry App Store, you can download this app.

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Fast Food Calorie Counter

Fast Food Calories Counter

With this app you know the amount of calories in the fast food you eat. It has the nutritional data of more than 5,900 foods available at 55 restaurants selling fast food. The protein, sugar, carbohydrates, fat and calories in Panda Express’€™ egg roll and McDonald’€™s burger are found in this app. For further information, get the elaborate Fast Food Calorie Counter for Blackberry review. You can get this app for $4.99 at Blackberry App Store.


LIVESTRONG’s Calorie Tracker

BlackBerry Apps For Diabetes

A calorie counter in BlackBerry devices is LIVESTRONG’€™s Calorie Tracker which has more than 525,000 items of food as well as restaurant menus to help you plan your meals. To limit yourself to a particular calorie number a day, you need to follow your calorie intake and look into your diet plan. This can be measured based on individual information with this app. It possesses a large amount of information on exercises and the use of energy required by each of them. An analysis of each day’s calorie intake is given under meals as well as exercise. At BlackBerry App Store, this app is available for $2.99.

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