Beyond Pregnancy.



After Delivery

After child birth, you still have to watch out for signs and symptoms of prediabetes. Your child may have increased risk for diabetes. On your first visit to the doctor after giving birth, your doctor would check your blood sugar levels. If the tests reveal that you have IGT (impaired glucose tolerance), an annual test for diabetes will be a necessity. On the other hand, if your sugar levels are within the normal range, further test for diabetes will be carried at three year intervals.

Risks to Mom

Once you have experienced gestational diabetes, you risk for gestational diabetes multiplies with future pregnancies. The possibility of getting type 2 diabetes is greater too. Fortunately, everything your doctor teaches you about nutrition and exercise during gestational diabetes treatment will assist you in preventing type 2 diabetes. So, do follow your doctor’€™s advice to continue with the diet and the exercise after child birth. Research has confirmed that such lifestyle changes can help to lower insulin resistance.

During your pregnancy, you have come to recognize the signs that come with high blood sugar levels. After child birth, if those signs or symptoms do surface again, consult your doctor at once.

For your next pregnancy, make an appointment with your gynecologist to examine your overall health, and test for diabetes in order to begin pregnancy in good health.

Reducing Long-Term Risks to Baby

Since there is greater risk for your child to be obese and get diabetes as she goes from his teenage years to adulthood due to the prediabetes experienced by you during pregnancy, it is important that you practice healthy eating and frequent exercise together with your family to foster such healthy habits in your child to help him prevent obesity and diabetes.


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Is breastfeeding after GDM encouraged?

Breastfeeding after gestational diabetes(GDM) is to be encouraged as it can stimulate the beta cells in the pancreas to function well and reduce the possibility of developing type II diabetes. When breastfeeding, approximately 500 calories are used up and this can assist in the loss of the extra weight gained during pregnancy. (see Insulin and Weight Gain)


It is of utmost importance that a copy of your medical and after delivery tests results be made available to your doctor so that he knows your GDM background in order to make knowledgeable decisions in the prescription of medicine. Certain medications can lead to insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels.

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