American Ginseng for Diabetes.



Does Ginseng Help Diabetes

Statistics show that 8.3 percent of Americans suffer from diabetes and there is no known cure for it. The most that the sufferer can do is to control it and ensure that health is not overtaken by diabetes complications. Lately, there are studies which indicate that blood glucose levels can be regulated with American ginseng. Excessively high or low glucose levels are the worse problems faced by diabetics. Read on for more details on the benefits of American ginseng.

Similar to Siberian and Korean ginseng, American ginseng is well-liked. This herb belonging to the ivy family, which thrives for many years, has become a popular herbal medicine due to its many benefits. Even the native Americans have long ago known of its wonderful medicinal uses. In North America, it is commonly used for infertility, indigestion, fever, and headache. The medicinal capabilities of this herb come from ginsenosides which are found in ginseng. Many are the benefits of ginseng, the most desirable being the ability to boost the immune system and energy levels. Besides these, it is effective as a treatment for stress reduction and insomnia. There are other benefits, and there are so many of them that it is no wonder ginseng is popular. What about diabetes? Can American ginseng help diabetics? Well, a small number of studies have shown that it can help diabetics.

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How can American ginseng help diabetic?

Many are the problems faced by diabetics and the one which require the most attention is the uncontrolled rise and fall of blood glucose levels which occur among type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes. Studies made by experts express the possibility that ginseng can assist to regulate blood glucose levels, but there is still insufficient proof. Studies were carried out by experts at the University of Toronto and the St. Michael’€™s Hospital to find out if ginseng was effective in getting the blood glucose level to be stable. The results indicate that ginseng is able to maintain the blood glucose level. In the study, the participants were given ginseng before their lunch, and when they were examined after lunch, their blood glucose levels were lower. The same positive results were obtained from the same type of studies in other countries. Ginseng was found to be able to lower blood glucose level among diabetics as well as non-diabetics. Although the results are favorable towards diabetes management, there is still need for further studies to confirm their results since it was just a small study.

Since ginseng is yet to be considered a medicine for the treatment of diabetes, an expert ought to be consulted if you wishGinseng May Help Treat Diabetes to use the ginseng for diabetes. The reason for seeking an expert’€™s help is the fact that we have to know the dosage at which it can become effective. How many milligrams ought to be used? Furthermore, can American ginseng overcome the other symptoms of diabetes? Other serious symptoms of diabetes are unexplained weight loss or gain, fatigue, frequent urge to urinate, and the constant feeling of hunger. Similar symptoms are observed among those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. However, there are some who have blurred vision and repeat incidences of injuries. Ginsenosides from ginseng can boost immunity and assist the diabetic a lot in overcoming tiredness and fatigue. Ginseng is supposed to be able to help reduce weight and regulate carbohydrate. However, studies are still in the midst of evaluating and harnessing American ginseng’€™s medicinal properties for countering diabetes and its many symptoms. Perhaps, it could be possible for the herb to reach the diabetic in the form of a daily supplement capsule to boost the patient’s energy.

From the above, we can conclude that there is nothing certain as yet about the ginseng as an effective treatment for diabetes. Although early results have been positive, American ginseng still cannot be considered conventional medicine for the treatment of diabetes. Therefore, it is not advisable for diabetics to use ginseng together with their usual medications. Any diabetic wishing to regulate blood glucose and insulin levels by consuming ginseng capsules, ought to consult their doctor before doing so.

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