How To Administer a Subcutaneous Injection.



Subcutaneous Injection (SQ, SC, sub-cu, subcut or sub-Q)

In treatments for fertility, plenty of medications prescribed by a doctor are given using a subcutaneous injection. As such, it is necessary to know how such injections are given correctly. The needle pierces the skin to reach the fatty tissues below it. The preferred spot for the injection is in the lower abdomen, approximately one inch from the belly button. Of course, the site for the injection can the thigh, the front of its middle part. The site for injections ought to be changed every time to avoid pain and irritation to the tissues at the time of injecting.

Level Of Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Ten minutes

How It Is Done:

  1. Get together all your supplies. An alcohol pad, bandage as well as your medication which have been either mixed or prepared.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly.
  3. Choose your site and have it cleaned with the alcohol pad.
  4. Pinch the skin to separate the fatty tissue from the layer of muscle below it.
  5. With the syringe or pen held as you would a dart, push in the needle quickly into the tissue below at an angle of 90 degrees.
  6. The medication is injected in slowly.
  7. Let go of the skin you are pinching and remove the needle.
  8. Put a gauze or bandage on the injection site.
  9. The site for the injection has to be changed every time. The site can be moved from from one thigh to another or at different spots of the abdomen.
  10. You can use a cube of ice to numb the site just before cleaning it if you are worried about the pain.
  11. It is perfectly normal for a tiny drop of blood to emit.
  12. There will be less pain if the needle is inserted quickly.

How to Give a Subcutaneous Injection using a Pre-filled Syringe -Video Guide


The Things You Need

Sub-Q Injection


  • Prepared medication
  • Alcohol pad
  • Band-aid or gauze



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