ABCs of Diabetes.



What Are the ABCs of Diabetes?

Good diabetes care and the problems which are linked to it can assist you to reduce the possibility of getting heart as well as blood vessel diseases. Even if heart disease is part of your problem now a stroke or a heart attack has already taken place, every move taken by you to have your ABCs within the range of your target to assist you to reduce the possibility of stroke and heart disease in the future.

A is for A1C.

Your A1C test which can be called eAG (estimated average glucose) , gives your average blood sugar for the previous 2 – 3 months.

B is for blood pressure.

Hypertension or high blood pressure gives too much work to your heart.

C is for cholesterol.

The quantity of fat in the bloodstream is indicated by your cholesterol numbers.Your heart is protected by HDL cholesterol while your arteries can be clogged by LDL cholesterol.

There is a risk of a stroke or a heart attack if your tricglycerides level is high.

ABC’s of Diabetes -Video Guide

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